Auto Heater, Valve, Casting , Pump and DC Motor Manufacturer in China

Established in 1947, Hebei Anji Hongye Machinery Co., Ltd. is a China-based manufacturer of our superior auto heater, valve, casting and pump. We design and manufacture a wide range of products, including auto water heater, auto air heater, defroster, radiator, sand casting, temperature control valve, screwed ball valve, flanged ball valve, petrochemical process pump, oil pump, DC motor, and more. Due to our constant focus on product improvement, our automobile heaters, castings, valves and pumps offer the reliability and powerful performance you've come to expect from Hongye. As a result, they have found countless applications in the petrochemical, electric power, medical, food, automobile, environment protection, construction, military, and many other fields.

  • Auto Water Heater
  • Auto Water Heater YJPHongye auto water heater provides an efficient auxiliary heating source, which helps create a warm and comfortable driving environment for you.
    Parking heating (engine cold start) can help protect the engine, prolong its service life and reduce maintenance frequency, allowing users to save on engine replacement and maintenance costs.
  • Auto Water Heater
  • Auto Water Heater YJH The auto water heater adopts advanced automatic control technology and is fully protected against any abnormal operating conditions.
    It is energy-saving, compact, easy to install and convenient to maintain.
    The heater causes low noise (below 55 dB) during operation. If a silencer is used, the noise...
  • Auto Air Heater
  • Auto Air Heater FJH Hongye auto air heater adopts advanced automatic control technology and is protected against abnormal operating conditions.
    It generates low noise (below 60 dB) during operation. If a silencer is used, the noise will be kept below 55 dB.
  • Investment Casting
  • Investment CastingOur investment castings are very popular in the global market. Machined castings and polished castings are available upon request.
    Min. castable hole: Φ2mm
    Min. castable angle: R0.1mm
  • Sand Casting
  • Sand CastingIn order to ensure only qualified products reach our customers, we strictly test our sand castings using advanced testing equipment, like spectrum analyzer, metallographic test equipment, X ray detector, hardness tester, three coordinate measuring machine, etc.
  • GB Flanged Ball Valve 1.6Mpa
  • GB Flanged Ball Valve 1.6Mpa Low resistance to the fluids
    Switch swiftly and conveniently (90°rotation)
    Good seal performance
    Reliable stem sealing
  • ANSI Flanged Ball Valve 150,300 Class
  • ANSI Flanged Ball Valve 150,300 Class Smooth routeway, not easy for medium sedimentation, can realize ball-passing in pipeline (full port)
    Easy to realize automatic control and remote control
    Compact structure with light weight
    Size: 1/2" - 8"

Since our foundation, we at Hongye have been committed to manufacturing high quality products for our customers. In order to achieve this, we only use high quality materials from dependable suppliers and strictly inspect all incoming materials before they enter our factory, so we can ensure reliable product quality from the very beginning. Additionally, our advanced production and testing equipment such as CNC lathes, machining centers and three coordinate measuring machines, all operated by highly trained staff, enable us to further guarantee the quality and performance of our auto heater, casting, valve, actuator, pump and DC motor.

While preserving our commitment to quality, we continually strive to reduce our costs, so we are able to offer customers the most economical prices. At Hongye, we proactively increase our raw material inventory to support our growth and mitigate the effects of inflation. Additionally, our ongoing technological progress allows us to continuously improve material utilization and reduce waste. Well controlled inventory management, long-term relationships with logistics providers, and a modern information management system contribute to greatly reduced warehousing and logistics costs. All this enables us to satisfy customers with our quality built and competitively-priced auto air heater, DC motor, flanged ball valve and oil pump.

We are located in Botou City, Hebei Province, near Beijing City and Tianjin Port. Here we have easy access to convenient transportation by air, land and sea. Not only does our convenient location facilitate the delivery of our auto heaters, castings, DC motors, valves and pumps, but it also makes shipping more economical for our global customers.

For assistance with any questions about our company or products, please don't hesitate to contact us. We look forward to working with you.